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5 things you need to know about managing your knee pain

1 in 11 Aussies or 2.1 million people have osteoarthritis and there has been an increase in the number of people undergoing Total Knee Replacements and Total Hip Replacements in recent years

BUT before you decide to have a joint replacement there’s another solution

And that is EXERCISE

Managing Knee Pain Bondi Junction


Exercise has proven to reduce pain, improve function and can prevent the need for surgery.

  1. Exercise needs to be individualised. Your ISO Physiotherapy will be able to tailor a program to you to address weakness, balance deficits or aerobic capacity.
  2. Exercise needs to be completed regularly. The best results come with 2 supervised sessions per week over 6 weeks.
    And for those eager for results optimal recovery comes with 1-2 additional self-guided sessions per week.
    12 weeks of exercise is ideal for any significant strength gains
  3. For those in high levels of pain, a hydrotherapy or water based strength program can be a great way to increase strength.
  4. Pain does not equal damage and will often resolve with ongoing exercise prescription
  5. Exercise has the strongest evidence to work for all people with Osteoarthritis.

SO if you are considering going under the knife make sure you have exhausted all options and give a ISO Physiotherapy Exercise program a go!

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