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Pilates, Pilates, Pilates…

Pilates has been the hot topic in the physiotherapy world in the last few months. It’s difficult to go onto a Physiotherapy Facebook group or open up a Physio magazine or e-mail without seeing the discussions surrounding Pilates. This is because recently insurance companies announced plans to make natural therapies ineligible for private health rebates and pilates was caught up in this mix.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has fought hard to allow physiotherapists to continue to offer pilates as a rebatable service and they have been successful!!!

In summary you will still be able to claim back for pilates and exercise sessions lead by a physiotherapist*.

Here at ISO Physio we are thrilled that we can continue to offer our pilates and exercises services. We are also excited that these discussions have meant others have begun to recognise the clear difference between physiotherapy lead sessions and your general pilates studio (that seem to be forever cropping up over Syndey’s Eastern Suburbs).

How are our pilates/ exercise sessions different then?

We know that to make an adaptation in the body (to stop those nagging pains, improve posture or assist joint function) then the anatomical and physiological system needs to be challenged in order to be changed. It is clear to us that to assist you with your problems you need to be provided with appropriately difficult exercises.

We will always complete an initial assessment of you addressing your past medical history, your movement and function and any strength imbalances. We will ask you your goals and communicate with any relevant treating doctors or health care professionals. This will ensure we create a program that is INDIVIDUAL to you and your needs.

Based on our assessment we will develop a SPECIFIC program to address your function or limitations. This means you will only complete exercises that relate to your goals or that will assist you to optimise your movement patterns.

We will always ensure that we are on track to achieve your goals that is why we will undertake objective testing measures to see the are meeting your OUTCOMES.

= ISO Philosophy prevails of assisting your INDIVIDUAL SPECIFIC OUTCOME

Our ISO Pilates Case Study:

In the last few weeks we have been seeing a gentleman in his 60’s with long term lower back pain for pilates and exercise management. His pain was related to sitting at his desk for long periods of time and he had started to get referral pain into his left buttock. After undergoing an initial assessment (which included looking at his range of motion, strength, and functional movements) our physiotherapist picked up that he was unable to activate his left gluteal muscle and as such was placing undue pressure onto his left lumbar facet joints. He was provided with a program that sought to “switch on” his gluts in all different postures e.g. Reformer scooter, Reformer leg press, gluteal bridges and so on. Over the course of 6 weeks he had reported significantly reduced pain into his lower back. He is able to sit at his desk longer without feeling any pain. He had greater awareness of his gluts and core and was able to even switch on his gluts during his golf swing on the weekend without placing any further stress on his spine.

If you want to start your pilates and movement journey to get yourself out of pain then come and see our physiotherapists today!

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*this reform is provided the physiotherapist completes an individual assessment
Provides modifications creating a tailored made approach
Keeps clinical notes
Your insurance plan covers you for physiotherapy and or pilates.

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