What does it mean ISO Physiotherapy?

‘ISO’ is a term that stems from the word ‘isometric’ which refers to being in equilibrium.
In order to promote healing, the body needs to be in an equal and balanced state. This resonates with our approach as physiotherapists and is at the heart of what we strive fo at ISO Physiotherapy.

We understand of your needs and we want ISO Physiotherapy to reflect how we view your health care. Pain and injury can sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming and we want to try help you achieve the most balanced approach to your life.

Further to this, ISO also stands for ‘Individualised, Specific, Outcomes’. Integral to our processes is ensuring that all of our clients leave the clinic with an individualised assessment and treatment, specific goals that are tailored to their needs and a meaningful outcome that can be measured and tracked throughout the rehabilitation.

Individual: Everyone's rehabilitation journey is unique and every body is different and needs to be treated accordingly. We make treatment plans particular to you and your needs.

Specific: The best way to achieve short and long term goals is when they are specific and meaningful to you. We work off SMART goal setting and our treatment and management reflects this.

Outcome: A successful physiotherapy session is one that produces desired and measured outcomes. This means that between visits you will be able to track your progress.

No referral is needed at ISO Physiotherapy. Just come and see one of our therapists and tell us your story.

Yes absolutely, we can also process this for you on the spot using our HICAPs machine.

We provide gowns and shorts on request, however if you prefer your own clothes then loose comfortable clothing works best. Any investigation reports, films and reports from your treating doctor, surgeon or other allied health care provider.

Your physiotherapist will use a 60 minute consult to go through a thorough history that includes questions about your current needs, your previous visits and any medical related conditions. This will allow your physiotherapist to start to form a detailed picture of your health requirements. Your Physiotherapist may then take you through a series of examinations to accurately determine the source of your condition and help formulate a treatment plan in your initial consultation. Your physiotherapist will help to align management and exercises to your specific goals so they are relevant and meaningful to you.

You can either call our clinic on 8068 7737 and make an appointment with our lovely reception staff or book online on our website.

There is 30 minute paid parking right across the road from the clinic. Otherwise either an
hour free parking in Eastgate Shopping Centre or 2 hour free parking available in Bondi
Junction Westfield. Both are within a 5 minute walk of the clinic.

If public transport is a better option, we are within walking distance from Bondi Junction
train station.

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