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In pain and need help from someone with a high success rate? ISO Physiotherapy are here to help!

Based in Bondi Junction, our friendly physiotherapists offer personalised, one on one treatments to all of our clients. You are not just another number to us. We care and listen to your concerns and thoroughly assess your pain to develop a customised treatment plan to alleviate your pain that has been holding you back.


What ISO Physiotherapy can do for you

Physiotherapy not only assists with existing pain you are experiencing, it can help restore, maintain and maximise your movement caused by injury, illness or disability. Our aim is to provide effective and long term solutions to underlying causes so that further injuries can be prevented.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sick of injury keeping you from the sports you love to play? We have been helping athletes like you recover from injury, prevent reoccurrence and maximise performance on the field without the pain. The team at ISO Physio specialise in sport injuries and understand that it requires specialised physiotherapy. Whether you are an elite athlete, team player or a weekend warrior, we can help!

Our principal physiotherapist, Daniel Kerner, has several years’ experience working with elite athletes as one of the go to physios used by NRL’s West Tigers club. Daniel and our other expert physiotherapists use their extensive experience and knowledge to give you an accurate diagnosis and provide you with effective evidence-based treatment to get out of pain and back to optimal function FAST as we don’t want to keep you from the sport you love. We care about our patients and their health. We don’t just fix you and forget about you, but we help you with your ongoing success living injury free.

General Physiotherapy

Suffering from aches and pains that won't go away? ISO Physio is here to help you with evidence based physiotherapy treatments that work. Everyone’s pain is unique so a stock standard treatment plan might not work for you. We ensure that we correctly diagnose the source of your pain with a thorough assessment performed by one of our friendly Bondi Junction physiotherapists. Once we understand your problem, we will then use a combination of hands on treatment, dry needling or tailored exercise to help reduce pain, improve function and strengthen muscles to prevent future pain returning.

You might see a physiotherapist if you are experiencing pain, weakness or limited movement which is affecting your ability to enjoy day to day activities. We treat a variety of conditions including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, elbow pain, wrist and hand pain, hip and groin pain, knee pain, ankle and foot pain. Unsure of physiotherapy is right for you? Call us on 02 8068 7737 to discuss it with one of our friendly team to see if we can help you start feeling better or point you in the right direction.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Sometimes surgery can't be avoided. Once you leave the operating room, you need the right treatment plan in place to guarantee long term success. ISO Physio’s will help you recover faster and get you back to enjoying your daily activities. Our expert physio’s work closely with your doctors and surgeons to develop the right treatment plan especially for your needs. Together we can restore your movement and strength in the fastest possible time.

ISO Physio's will utilise a range of evidence based manual therapy techniques in conjunction with using our state of the art pilates equipment and conditioning programs to tailor your treatment plan and assist your return to optimal function. Our techniques will help safely manage your wounds, swelling and scar tissue after surgery.

Chronic Injury Management

Have you been experiencing debilitating pain longer than 3 months? Physiotherapy can help you stop suffering unnecessarily with long lasting conditions that won’t go away. We will work with you to determine the source of your pain, provide a series of effective hands-on treatment to relieve your current symptoms and develop an exercise based program for long term success. Education is key to managing chronic conditions. The ISO Physio team draws on years of experience and knowledge to ensure you are in the best place to manage your pain.

Physio Pilates

Improve your posture, strength, flexibility and balance through our physio lead pilates and exercise. Pilates at ISO Physio’s Bondi Junction clinic is a full body conditioning program led by our very knowledgeable physiotherapist, that emphasises controlled movements and correct body alignment. Pilates is a valuable for injury rehabilitation as well as building strength in otherwise healthy people.

We start by completing a thorough assessment of your function which will enable our highly trained physiotherapists to develop an individualised exercise plan which is tailored to your specific goals. We use an array of state of the art pilates reformers, spring loaded resistance boards and functional resistance training to challenge you and return you to optimal function.

Dry Needling

Suffering from tight, sore muscles and joints that stop you from enjoying yourself? Dry needling is one of the oldest forms of medicine which has been used for thousands of years to relieve soft tissue issues such as muscle tightness.

Dry needing is an effective and efficient treatment for muscular and myofascial pain. Our skilled physiotherapists start by inserting sterilised single use needles into the painful part of the muscle (trigger point) to stimulate a healing effect. When the needle is gently manipulated, it relaxes your overactive muscles to make you feel better. One of our fantastic physiotherapists will perform a thorough assessment with you to see if you could benefit this healing technique.

Fall Prevention

50% of people over the age of 80 have had a fall. Falls are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the older population. Falls can result in fractures, loss of independence, disability, admissions to nursing homes, reduced quality of life and in some cases death. The good news is falls are preventable . When you see our ISO Physiotherapist about falls prevention, we will conduct a simple yet thorough assessment which includes assessing how you walk as well as taking objective measurements of your strength and your balance. Our expert physiotherapists will start you on an individualised exercise program to improve your confidence and decrease your falls risk. ISO Physio is a proud facilitator of the Stepping On program – a NSW health falls prevention education group run in community centres throughout the community.

Pre/Post Natal Physiotherapy

Not all physiotherapists have specific training in looking after women both during and after their pregnancies. Here at ISO Physio our Women’s Health physiotherapist specialises in pre/post natal pilates and is certified through APPI. We can help you strengthen your core and pelvic floor through physio led pilates in a safe environment. This will help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and faster recovery once your little one has arrived.

Not only do we have exercise programs like pilates on offer but if you are experiencing aches and pains, our friendly physiotherapists can diagnose and treat you to relieve your pain. Don’t worry about having to find a babysitter when you come into see us at Bondi Junction as babies are welcome!

Physiotherapy Bondi Junction | ISO Physiotherapy

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