Jonathan Barzel

As a young and passionate sportsman, most of Jonathan’s childhood was spent on the soccer field. As a representative player, he grew to understand the impact that injury can have both physically and mentally on athletes. This environment embedded notions of discipline, commitment and motivation, in which Jonathan now applies to his approach to physiotherapy.

Jonathan commenced his studies at the Australian Catholic University where he completed a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science. This sparked his passion for movement and exercise rehabilitation inspiring him to go on and complete a Masters of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney. During these years he was devoted to expanding his skillset. In doing so, he has worked with players from local, state and national representative AFL, Football, Futsal and Basketball communities in the greater Sydney region.

Jonathan thrives on the opportunity to be able to impact the lives of the community and is eager to use his platform to empower patients in taking an active role during their rehabilitation to optimise both short and long term outcomes. His compassionate, kind and honest nature allows him to form genuine connections with his patients. Whilst treating with evidence-based physiotherapy, he realises that not everyone fits the same mould and therefore strives to implement an individualised and patient-centred approach with highly considered treatment plans.

He is committed to the journey to improved health and ensures that treatment encompasses sustainable and adaptable lifestyle changes that patients can take with them beyond their journey with ISO Physiotherapy.