From workplace injuries to motor vehicle accidents, our practitioners are well-trained in managing and rehabilitating compensable injuries such as worker’s compensation and CTP patients.

When suffering an unexpected injury, the process to recovery can seem complicated. That’s why we aim to ensure that your physiotherapy journey is seamless and you feel 100% confident that you have returned to your pre-injury level of function. 

Most of all, we are your biggest advocates. We are proud to be a voice in your recovery and will always promote your best interests with respect to your rehabilitation journey.

We provide regular updates and progress reports to your GP, case manager, rehabilitation consultant and surgeon; so you can have full confidence that everyone is on the same page with respect to your recovery plan. Plus, our long-standing relationships with GP’s in the area ensures that timely physiotherapy is always provided. 

We also have other allied health disciplines in the area including exercise physiology, psychology and podiatry and if needed, we can recommend these services to your case manager, GP or rehabilitation consultant to ensure you receive the appropriate associative management to improve your recovery outcomes.

Have questions about the physiotherapy management of your Worker’s Compensation or CTP claim? Don’t hesitate to reach out.