Have you suffered a workplace injury or been in a motor vehicle accident that requires physiotherapy rehabilitation? We have extensive experience in managing and rehabilitating compensable injuries such as worker’s compensation and CTP patients.
We understand that suffering an injury at work or being in a motor vehicle accident can be very unexpected and physiotherapy can be part of what can seem like a complicated process of recovery.

It is our aim to ensure that your journey through physiotherapy is as easy as possible and that before you leave ISO Physiotherapy, you feel 100% confident that you have returned to your pre-injury level of function. All of our treating physiotherapists regularly liaise with your GP, case manager, rehabilitation consultant and/or surgeon if required to ensure that you have confidence in your team and that we’re all on the same page with respect to your recovery plan. We have long-standing and strong relationships with GP’s in the area, which enables us to ensure that timely and appropriate physiotherapy is provided. We take pride in the fact that we consistently make an effort to contact your case manager to provide regular updates and progress reports. When you progress in your rehabilitation, we are quick to inform your case manager so that the appropriate upgrades can be made to your capacity certificate. We have good associations with other allied health disciplines in the area including exercise physiology, psychology and podiatry. If necessary, we can recommend these services to your case manager, GP or rehabilitation consultant to ensure you receive the appropriate associative management to improve your recovery outcomes.

Most of all, we are your advocate. We are proud to be a voice in your recovery and will always promote your best interests with respect to your rehabilitation journey. We welcome your enquiries about physiotherapy management of your Worker’s Compensation or CTP claim.