Have you recently had a surgical intervention requiring post-operative physiotherapy? Or do you have an upcoming surgery that requires pre-surgical physiotherapy? At ISO Physiotherapy, we treat a variety of pre and post-operative surgery patients with surgeries ranging from the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lumbar spine. Our physiotherapists have all had experience working in a hospital setting and managed a variety of acute pre and post surgical patients. Typically in our clinic we see musculoskeletal surgery patients but our therapists have also had experience in managing general surgical as well as orthopaedic surgical patients.

Pre operative rehabilitation, more commonly known as “prehab”, aims to ensure that the patient’s baseline level of function and strength are at its peak prior to commencing surgery. More often than not, the better physical shape you are in prior to surgery allows for a smoother post-operative rehabilitation and return to function.

Common procedures that benefit from pre-operative physiotherapy include but are not limited to; ACL reconstruction, hip or knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, meniscus repair, knee meniscectomy, shoulder reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, biceps tendon repair, ankle arthroscopy and Anterior Talo Fibular Ligament (ATFL) reconstruction.

Post-operative physiotherapy focuses on restoring pre-operative capacity in order to return to normal activities of daily living and to achieve the goals you have set out to accomplish. The mainstay of post-operative rehabilitation is commonly exercise based, but our physiotherapists are also able to educate you about managing your wound or scar and can provide you with tips and tricks to help with your mobility if necessary.
Sometimes your surgery may not require specific physiotherapy but you feel deconditioned from the operation. We are also trained in reconditioning following surgery and all have experience managing patients who are suffering from deconditioning. Our physiotherapists will regularly contact your surgeon to provide updates so rest assured your team will always be on the same page with regard to your progress and recovery.