At ISO PHYSIO, we have the best massage therapist in Bondi Junction!

Massage therapists are trained to locate and treat your soft tissue problems to help you recover from injury faster. Soft tissue work, like that done by our massage therapists, can also be used to prepare your body for optimal performance ahead of a sporting event or to help you recover afterwards.

Massage can help improve your circulation, keep you healthy and fit and can prevent back problems. It also helps you relax so that you get a great night's sleep.

Types of massage available at our Bondi clinic

Remedial Massage

Moderate pressure aims to release muscle tightness and imbalances that may be causing pain and poor alignment.

Deep Tissue Massage

It relieves tight muscles and dulls pain, often working well to treat chronic pain, overuse injuries, and scar tissue.

Sports Massage

We apply moderate to firm pressure and help improve flexibility and reduce pain. We can help you recover faster from a sporting event or workout.

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