Massage Therapy Bondi Junction

Vanessa specialises in two types of massage treatments; remedial massage and lymphatic drainage.


By stimulating the improvement of circulation, lymphatic drainage assists in both the physical and mental wellbeing and recovery of the body through a number of ways. It can help with injury recovery by increasing toning and tissue oxygenation as well as reducing the blood circulation and elimination of toxins throughout the body. It also helps eliminate blasting and cellulite formation, all leading to increased self-esteem and overall mental health. It’s ability to reduce scar tissue formation and improve blood circulation means that it is an incredibly effective way to help the body be at its best.


Remedial massage has been an effective recovery and treatment style for many years, but what are its overall positive effects? From a physical standpoint it allows for the prevention and management of sports and soft tissue injuries leading to faster recovery time for athletes or people who train rigorously. Internally, it improves blood circulation and flushes chemicals out the body that cause muscles to tighten. For those battling non-sports injuries, it can improve problems such as headaches, abdominal pain, low back pain and sciatic pain. Beyond this, it’s ability to reduce stress, anxiety and depression lead to an improved mood and an overall increase in mental health. There’s a reason why remedial massage is one of the most suggested and tried techniques, so come in and give it a go and see the wonders it can do for you.

Vanessa Lenz

Vanessa Lenz

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