We know that as a society, we have an increasingly ageing population. People are living healthier lives for longer! With age, comes an increased risk of falling over. Unfortunately, this can be extremely debilitating for frail individuals and can require hospitalisation and/or ongoing care into the future.

At ISO Physiotherapy, we acknowledge this risk and as a community based clinic, are proud to assist with falls prevention in our community. All of our physiotherapists have worked with the elderly population in a community or hospital based settings. Having this experience and exposure allows us to advocate for our ageing population and has prompted us to offer ‘Falls Prevention’ as a service we can provide. As part of our falls prevention service, we will look to identify factors that may contribute to your falls risk and help you find ways to address them. This includes factors like strength, balance, and stair mobility and gait patterns. We also provide you with information about programs that target ongoing falls prevention education. We may prescribe you with a general strength and conditioning program to target areas of weakness and will also give you balance-based exercises to help improve your balance. Similarly, we are also competent in advising and prescribing the use of mobility aids if necessary to further reduce your risk of falls and increase your confidence in the community.

Aside from this, we are proud supporters of community-based hydrotherapy programs, the ‘Stepping On’ program at the Prince of Wales Hospital as well as outpatient balance and strength classes run at the War Memorial Hospital.
Are you concerned about your own falls risk? Do you have a family member who you feel may benefit from a falls prevention program? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our clinic so that we can assist you moving forward!

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